Campaign 2010

Jun 02, 2004

Results as they come

Picking up from below, Keloland numbers:

...94% reporting—51-49 for Herseth
votes: 118,461 - 115,762

(Need some reading material?  From Kevin Drum to Wa Po, our CEO President.)

96 % reporting—51-49 for Herseth
votes: 124,014 - 121,066

Herseth Wins Special Election
Keloland TV
June 2, 2004

Democrats have picked up another seat in Congress. With nearly all precincts reporting, Herseth is holding about a two percent lead over Republican Larry Diedrich.

That’s how we do, baby.  Thanks folks for staying up with us, and throw us a few bucks to take back the House in November if you feel so inclined.  Nighty-night.

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