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Jun 01, 2004

Respect for the Law

Deroy Murdock, NRO Contributing editor, already wrote the best Medigate op-ed ever, in which he said:

As for the perpetrators of this colossal public fraud, the Justice Department should fit them for orange jumpsuits.

Well today he lays out the case, going through the Congressional Research Service report, law by law, and concluding with this:

The United States Department of Justice should conduct a criminal investigation to determine if members of the Bush administration violated any or all of the five federal laws cited above, or additional statutes. Anyone who fooled Congress into buying a brand-new, $534 billion entitlement by pretending it only had a $395-billion price tag should be prosecuted and, if convicted, sentenced to a federal penitentiary for the maximum allowable term.


Democrats complain most loudly about this outrage. Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians, however, should be at least as furious that federal bureaucrats in a GOP administration used coercion and lies to engineer a $534 billion expansion of the welfare state.

Frogwalk, frogwalk!  Seriously, one begins to wonder, if you took the top ten GOP officials, how many of them have not committed a crime while in office?  They appear to have broken at least three good laws just to pass this one bad one, then you’ve got DeLay’s Texas fundraising, Rumsfeld’s apparent perjury, the outing of Valerie Plame, Cheney’s Halliburton fiasco, giving ultra-sensitive intelligence to Chalabi, on and on and on….

[note: spelling of Murdock’s name has been corrected, he is of no relation to he who “cannot-be-named” - thanks to reader GR, no disrespect intended to Deroy.]

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