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May 03, 2012

Republicans’ Vote to End Medicare

In 2011, the GOP voted for the Republican Budget which would End Medicare for Americans younger than 55.

The bill passed 235-193. [H Con Res 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11]

Nobel Prizing Winning Economist: “How is This Not an End to Medicare?” “The new scheme would still be called ‘Medicare’, but it would bear little resemblance to the current system, which guarantees essential care to all seniors. How is this not an end to Medicare?” [Paul Krugman, Nobel Prizing winning economist, 12/20/11]

Former Fed Chief: The House Republican Budget “Threatens to Eviscerate Medicare.” “The plan threatens to eviscerate Medicare by privatizing it—with vouchers that, absent some sort of cost-control miracle, would fall further and further behind the rising cost of health insurance.” [Alan Blinder a former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, 4/19/11]

Concord Monitor Columnist: The House Republican Budget “Purely and Simply Ends Medicare.” The House Republican budget “purely and simply ends Medicare. Period.” [Concord Monitor’s Kathy Burns, 4/17/11]

Medicare Advocate: The House Republican Budget Would “Destroy” Medicare. “Over time, this [House Republican Budget] will destroy the only health insurance program available to 47 million Americans,” [Max Richtman, executive vice-president of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, 4/5/11]

US News Columnist: House Republican’s Budget Gets Rid of Medicare. “But getting rid of Medicare and turning it into a sketchy subsidy program for seniors, as Rep. Paul Ryan has proposed, is unnecessarily drastic and cruel.”  [US News’ Susan Milligan, 4/18/11]

Princeton Economics Professor: Medicare “Would Cease to Exist” Under the House Republican Budget. “For people now 55 or younger, the traditional Medicare program – a defined benefit plan — would cease to exist .” [Uwe Reinhardt, economic professor at Princeton, 4/18/11]

Congressional Research Service: Seniors Wouldn’t Be Able to Enroll in the Current Medicare Program. “Individuals who become eligible (based either on age or disability) for Medicare in 2022 and later years would not be able to enroll in the current Medicare program.” [CRS Report, 4/13/11]

New York Magazine Columnist: House Republican Budget Would End Medicare. “The Republican budget would very dramatically change Medicare…Does the Republican plan indeed end Medicare? I would argue yes.” [New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait, 12/20/11]

The Economist: The House Republican Budget Would End Medicare’s Guaranteed Benefit. The House Republican budget “ends the guarantee that all American seniors will have health insurance.” [The Economist, 4/5/11]

Wall Street Journal: The Republican Budget Would “Essentially End Medicare.” The Republican budget “would essentially end Medicare, which now pays most of the health-care bills for 48 million elderly and disabled Americans, as a program that directly pays those bills.” [Wall Street Journal, 4/4/11]

McClatchy: The House Republican Budget “Effectively Would End Medicare.” The House Republican budget “effectively would end Medicare for seniors.” [McClatchy-Tribune News Service, 4/5/11]

NPR Contributor: The House Republican Budget “Ends Medicare as We Know It.” The House Republican budget “ends Medicare as we know it and other entitlements.” [NPR’s Andrea Seabrook, 4/16/11]

New Republic Columnist: House Republican Plan Ends Medicare. Under the House Republican budget, “new retirees would no longer have the option of enrolling in the traditional government-run insurance program.” [The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn, 12/2011]

Washington Monthly Columnist: House Republican Budget Ends’ Medicare’s Guaranteed Benefits. “Medicare is a single-payer health care system offering guaranteed benefits to seniors. The House Republican budget plan intended to privatize the existing system and replace it with something very different — a voucher scheme. It would still be called ‘Medicare,’ but it wouldn’t be Medicare.” [Washington Monthly’s Steve Bensen, 12/20/11]

Reuters: Ryan Budget “Would Have Ended Medicare For People Under 55.” In March 2012, referring to Rep. Paul Ryan’s attempt to reintroduce his budget plan in 2012, Reuters wrote, “Still, Ryan is expected to include in next week's budget outline a proposal similar to the plan he included last year that would have ended Medicare for people under 55. Those future retirees would get an allowance to purchase medical coverage from private insurers on a special exchange.” [Reuters, 3/16/12]

NPR: Key Part of GOP Plan Is “Ending Medicare.” According to NPR, “Ending Medicare as we know it is a key part” of the GOP budget plan. [NPR, 4/04/11]

Former Bush CMS Director: GOP Plan “Gets Rid of” Medicare. Tom Scully -- former Bush administration director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said: "It gets rid of -- and I would do that -- gets rid of the current Medicare program where the government is the insurance company and the government sets the prices.” [TPM, 6/14/11]

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