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Mar 30, 2004

Republicans on Deficits: Then & Now

From Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer’s Budget Clearinghouse:


“I don’t like deficits, I don’t want deficits, and I won’t pretend deficits don’t matter.”
-Budget Committee Chairman Jim Nussle, CongressDaily, 3/12/03

“[Former New York Congressman] Jack Kemp worships at the altar of tax cuts. Jack has always said that deficits don’t matter. We think that deficits do matter.”
-Majority Leader Tom DeLay, New York Times, 1997

“The Republican lockbox legislation locks away the entire Social Security surplus . . .Today, we are restoring Americans’ faith and confidence in the Social Security system.  It’s a promise to current and future generations of retirees: Rest assured, your hard-earned money will be saved for you so that you can enjoy your well-deserved retirement.”
-Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Congressional Record, 5/23/99

“This Congress will protect 100 percent of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds. Period. No speculation. No supposition. No projections.”
-Budget Committee Chairman Jim Nussle, Press Release, 7/2/01

Now (the revolt):

“Republicans are in denial… they have been spending money like there is no tomorrow.”
-Bruce Bartlett, former deputy assistant secretary for economic policy under President Ronald Reagan, Chicago Tribune, 03/09/04

“Enough deficit spending, my friends. Enough. We are mortgaging our children’s futures. When does it stop? When does the Republican Party find its soul?”
-Sen. John McCain, Congressional Record, 02/12/04

Soul be gone.

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