Campaign 2010

Apr 06, 2004

Rep. Berry Responds to Bush’s Jobs Promises

Congressman Marion Berry (D-AR1):

“President Bush’s job training announcement rung hollow in the ears of more than 71,000 unemployed Arkansans. Out of one side of his mouth Bush touts a job training program directed more at his ailing polling numbers than to the millions of out-of-work Americans; while out of the other he promises to veto a highway bill which would bring billions of dollars to Arkansas for infrastructure and job opportunities.

“The Bush-Cheney Campaign may consider Arkansans gullible, but those of us who have lived here our entire lives certainly know better. Empty election year job promises will not increase support for a President who works diligently to end extensions for unemployment benefits. Empty promises will not sway those who know President Bush has proposed more than $1.8 billion in job training and related education cuts since taking office.”

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