Campaign 2010

Oct 05, 2012

Recent FL-02 Poll Reveals Southerland Tied with Lawson

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today released a recent Lester and Associates poll conducted by Ron Lester and Fred Hickerson showing Congressman Steve Southerland (FL-02) tied with Democrat Al Lawson. Both Al Lawson and Congressman Southerland received 43 percent of the vote in the initial head-to-head, and following positive bio paragraphs about the two candidates the race remained tied at 47 percent.  

The NRCC announced this week that they will begin airing ads to defend Congressman Southerland, “a sign that the seat is probably more vulnerable” than previously thought.

“Because of Congressman Southerland’s support of a Tea Party agenda that ends the guaranteed benefits of Medicare, the NRCC even admits that Congressman Southerland is in serious trouble,” said Stephanie Formas of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “While Al Lawson has always worked across party lines to create of jobs in North Florida, Congressman Steve Southerland complains about his $174,000 salary and has supported a divisive partisan agenda that has hurt North Florida families and seniors.”

A Lester and Associates polling memo is available here.

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