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Jun 04, 2004

Rally for Herseth

We had a rabble-rousing rally here at DNHQ for Herseth and the SD volunteers last night, with Chairman Matsui and Leader Pelosi in attendance.  We’re splitting this up into two posts, and you can see Stephanie’s guest post along with guest contributions from our volunteers here.  But here are a few pictures and some inspiring words from our illustrious Leadership and Herseth’s speech:




“Celebration time is here….Thank you for turning a red state blue.”

“There is no election in my view, that can be won without the GR.  The winner is the side that owns the ground, and you owned the ground.”

“Stephanie… will bring the values of the Heartland to the Congress as a voice for her generation, for your generation.”

“You brought us one vote closer to a Dem majority, one vote closer to a woman Speaker of the House.”

“There is a psychological warfare that is going on in this arena, and this was a moralizing victory for us, a demoralizing defeat for them.”

“I want to pay tribute to the man with a plan, our distinguished Chairman, Robert Matsui.”

“Stephanie… will make her own mark on the Congress, her own mark on the country.”



“When Nancy Pelosi took over I can’t tell you how fractured our caucus was, and the moment she took over she brought us together…as a result of that the Democrats, as you all know, are poised to take the House back this November.”

“I talked to Jim Bonham at about 3:00 in the afternoon and he said that as of noon you had knocked on 70,000 doors, and by the election you had gone to 150,000 households!  You made the difference, and you broke the back of the Republican House today.”

“It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Representative for the state of SD, a member of the Agriculture Committee…someone who will make us all proud to be Americans, Stephanie Herseth.”



“I kept my composure until now, and I just lost it, I think because of what Leader Pelosi and Bob Matsui said, that this is ‘our generation,’ and this is our generation!”

“We only won because of your efforts.  The other side may be putting their spin on the out come.  But we got the win...This was a state that had not elected a woman until 2 nights ago.”

“I want you to have high expectations of me, and I look forward to working hard every day to meet those expectations.”

“This one-two punch [of Ben Chandler and myself] sets the stage for November in this Campaign for a New Majority, so in November I can call my Senior Senator the Senate Leader, and this woman here the Speaker of the House.”

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