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Jun 24, 2004

Rabble Rabble

Ever wonder what the GOP Schism looks like from the dark side?  We’ve got the editorial for you.  You see Tom Tancredo of Colorado has recently ruffled some feathers by directing or allowing a PAC he founded last year (now headed by Pat Buchanan’s sister) to campaign against other GOP Congressmen who are insufficiently hateful of immigrants.  Campaigning against Members of your own Party does seem a bit rough, no?  Apparently not, in fact the admonishment of Tancredo is only the latest battle as…

GOP Wages War Against Its Conservatives
Chris Adamo,

Colorado Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo is in big trouble with the GOP leadership. And just what, you may be wondering, is his great sin? “Team America,” a political action committee originally founded by Tancredo, is working to unseat Representative Chris Cannon, a liberal Republican from Utah, by supporting Matthew Throckmorton, his challenger in the Republican primary.

Chief among those organizations caterwauling about the actions of Tancredo is the liberal “Tuesday Group,” a coalition of approximately thirty liberal Republican House members whose goal is to steer the party to the left. Hiding under the cloak of a grossly distorted rendition of Ronald Reagan’s “Eleventh Commandment” (“Though shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican”), the Tuesday Group is now expressing concern that party conservatives are finally making efforts to strike back.


Apparently, undermining the conservative agenda by abandoning the party at key junctures during the legislative process is perfectly fine with these Republican “centrists.” But any discussion of such matters by conservatives, who have tired of seeing their party abandoning its principles, is strictly taboo. By such hypocritical assertions, these liberal “Trojan Horses” hope to continue dominating party politics from within.

To keep focused on what exactly they’re fighting about, read this book - or at least the cover.  But now compare Adamo’s general account with what Congress Daily wrote recently (I have never heard CD called “liberal,” for the record):


“By some counts, House Republican moderates have enough votes, perhaps as many as 30, to protect their interests on budget and spending measures. So why do they invariably cave in to their leadership and conservative colleagues on crucial votes—such as the annual budget resolution—rather than using that muscular potential to reshape budget priorities more to their liking?”

Oh yeah, the conservatives have had a real tough time.  Today is actually going to be a rare interesting day in the House, where some serious budget maneuvering is going to happen.  The “real” conservatives want free reign for tax cuts, the “liberal” Republicans (buh?) recognize that a tax cut paid for purely out of deficits is not really a cut, just an expensive postponement.  Nobody knows exactly how things are going to come down.  Rabble rabble, stay tuned.

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