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Apr 01, 2013

QUICK CLIP: On Immigration Reform, Chairman Israel Says Senate Has to Cross T’s and Dot I’s

On MSNBC’s Jansing and Co. this morning, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel called for House Republicans to end their extremism and inflexibility on immigration reform, and join Democrats and the bipartisan group of senators in solving real problems for Americans.

Chairman Israel said, “In the Senate it sounds like they’re still dotting some I’s and crossing their T’s; in the House, Republicans are going to have to decide, do they want to cross their base, do they want to cross their Tea Party Extremist base? [...] Only House Republicans can stop it now. […] So far, they have not shown an ability to compromise. They are inflexible, they are chaotic, they put politics ahead of solutions. If they continue down that route, then I’m less optimistic. They have to make a fundamental decision—do they want to be problem-solvers, or do they want to continue to be part of the problem on this and other issues?”

Watch here:

Chairman Israel continued: “The Republicans after this election, I would have thought the fever would have broke. They did autopsies, they did post-mortems, they said we realize that Americans think that we’re inflexible and intolerant. We have to go through this extreme makeover. And what happens after that extreme makeover? You have Don Young using the worst kind of vilification against Latinos, you have a Congressman from Pennsylvania today saying that he will oppose any compromise on immigration. They are who they are—they’ve got to decide, do they want to solve problems, or continue to be the voice and the face of extremism, intolerance, and instability in this country?”

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