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Jul 15, 2013

QUICK CLIP: Chairman Israel Calls for House Republicans to Put Solutions Ahead of Partisanship

On Fox News Sunday, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel called for House Republicans to put aside partisan politics and work with Democrats to come up with a solution to fix our country’s broken immigration system.

Chairman Israel said: “I think the American people have had it with calculations based on what’s good for one party and what’s bad for the other party – we need to solve this problem. They did it in the Senate: 68 Senators, from the right John McCain, Marco Rubio, to the left Elizabeth Warren. If they could put a solution ahead of partisanship – progress ahead of partisanship – we should do it in the House of Representatives as well.”

Watch here:

Chairman Israel continued: “If the House of Representatives refuses to solve this problem and preserves the status quo of a broken system, yes, we will hold them accountable for defying President Bush, President Obama, 68 Senators and 87 percent of the American people who want the ideology to be dispensed with and want to solve this problem on a bipartisan, comprehensive way.”


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