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Jun 15, 2004

Puke Galore

William F. Buckley spews some astoundingly ill-informed moral vomit into the echo chamber today:

Finding honor in Abu Ghraib


...Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa was quick to ask for the dismissal of Donald Rumsfeld. Sen. Harkin, just a few months ago, was counseling the election of Howard Dean as president of the United States, which tells us something of his own judgment. He is part of a little group of left toughies who are calling for Rumsfeld’s dismissal—Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel and other solons. The trouble with leaving it to such folk to prescribe the norms of behavior in Abu Ghraib prison is, according to one commentator, “that one ends up blowing opportunities to effect true reforms.”

But we do not need any reforms. Reforms are something we need in Guantanamo, where we have isolated a new species not previously known in the taxonomic order: the man who is not a prisoner of war, not a traitor, but an enemy combatant. If there is reason to be vexed by Secretary Rumsfeld, it is surely that he has not encouraged a table of organization that deals with that phenomenon other than simply by sticking him in a corner of Cuba without any avenue of hope or resolution. If it was decided that such a prisoner should face the firing squad, then at least there would be judicial proceedings to contend with, successfully or unsuccessfully.

But there are no reforms indicated in the treatment of prisoners in Abu Ghraib. What was done was against (1) regulations, (2) Army convention, and (3) civilized tradition. What do the reformers want? Pre-induction courses for U.S. soldiers in which they are told not to strip and torture captives and photograph them naked? Should there be, also, a course on how they should not fire guns at their own officers? Is there nothing that can be taken for granted?

The Democratic offensive has to limit itself to the failure to keep superiors informed…

Jeezie Creezie, is there any standard of accuracy whatsoever in printing such garbage?  First of all, that “little group of left toughies” includes the editorial page of the Army Times, countless Generals, and many of Buckley’s own ilk.  But has he literally had his head in the sand for the past two weeks, is it official propagandist policy to stop reading the newspapers when they interfere with your ignorance?  Here are a few memos you might want to take a look at, you moron.

For more disturbing tripe see the result’s of Max’s contest, and this find by Brad DeLong which may put them all to shame.

I’m gonna be sick…

Update: Our apologies to the Medium Lobster, who evidently makes a fine fine satire.

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