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Oct 27, 2013

POLLING UPDATE: Voters Want Democratic Congress

The latest polling has gone from bad to worse for House Republicans after they gave into the Tea Party demands to shut down the government over defunding the Affordable Care Act and giving insurance companies free rein over health care.

  • In the newest NBC/WSJ poll, voters prefer Democrats in charge of Congress instead of Republicans by an 8-point margin (47 percent – 39 percent). Last month the lead was 3 points (46 percent - 43 percent).

  • When asked who they will vote for in the newest ABC/Washington Post poll, Democrats lead the generic Congressional ballot by 8 points (48 percent to 40 percent).
  • The Fox News poll shows Democrats leading the generic Congressional ballot for 2014 by 8 points (45 percent to 37 percent) and record low approval of the job Republicans in Congress are doing.
  • The newest Quinnipiac University national poll shows Democrats taking the largest lead in the generic ballot so far this election cycle. Democrats have a 9-point lead in the Congressional generic ballot (43 percent to 34 percent)
  • Pew found that Democrats lead the generic ballot by 6 points among registered voters (49 percent to 43 percent), and we are tied among Independents (43 percent to 43 percent).

The election is just over a year away, so there’s no doubt these numbers will change and fluctuate. Unfortunately for the Republican Congress, the damage their shutdown has inflicted on their brand and image with voters will stay in voters’ minds in the upcoming election and ones to come.

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