Campaign 2010

Feb 24, 2004

Polisphere and the Blogosphere

Kuff and Atrios have great posts about how the parties need to do more to build the blogosphere. Point well taken.

In the buildup to launching our modest blog, we in Online Operations did have to fight uphill. Most of our staff had never seen one, but when we showed them a few they were pretty interested, and I have even caught a few reading them on their own now.

We have made some modest shout outs in some other channels, and will try to build the sphere as much as possible in the future - not because the ad revenue will increase, but more because we need folks getting wired into the information and analysis that the blogosphere provides. Y’all are really helping build the base and keep our voters motivated.

Not to mention being all polite and not flaming the crap out of us (at least not yet).

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