Campaign 2010

Jun 12, 2004

Pelosi Tribute to Reagan

Democratic Leader:

“All Americans, including those of us who serve in the Congress of the United States, have been touched by the dignity, private strength, and public grace of Nancy Reagan and the entire Reagan family, to whom we offer our prayers and deepest condolences. Our nation is in your debt for the care and love that you gave our President, and for the dignity with which you held his hands at the end. I hope it is a comfort to Mrs. Reagan and the Reagan family that the whole world mourns their loss and is praying for them at this sad time.

“For his eloquent defense of freedom . . . for his leadership style of conviction and compromise . . . for his eternal optimism for the future . . . America pays tribute to President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

“May God bless Ronald Reagan. May God bless this country that he loved and led. May Ronald Reagan rest in peace.”

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