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Apr 01, 2004

Pelosi Strikes Out at GOP’s Political Use of Government Employees

Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi went on the offensive yesterday, attacking the GOP for using government employees and resources for political smears - this is bad enough by itself, but when REAL priorities like analysis of job creation strategies and disrupting terrorist networks get shelved to attack political opponents of Bush and DeLay that is WAAAAAAYYYYYYY over the top.

Pardon the excessive direct quoting, but I think her comments at a press conference with Rep. Rangel (D-NY15) yesterday sum it up pretty well…

“Yesterday, we learned that while the Bush Administration chose to give tax cuts to millionaires, it did not choose to fund an IRS request to disrupt terrorists’ financial networks.  Even after the loss of a record 2.8 million jobs, the Secretary of the Treasury still spent the day defending the outsourcing of good-paying U.S. jobs.  And the Treasury Department, at the request of the Majority Leader in the House, prepared a tax analysis for blatantly political purposes.

“According to today’s Wall Street Journal:  ‘The Treasury tapped civil servants to calculate the cost of Senator John Kerry’s tax plan and then posted the analysis on the Treasury Web site.  A federal law bars career government officials from working on political campaigns.’

“This of course was transmitted to House Majority Leader DeLay and to the Republican National Committee.  The Bush economic team is quick to do a political tax analysis for Tom DeLay to give to the Republican National Committee, but slow to create even one single job.

“Democrats are calling for the Treasury Department to finally do the complete analysis of the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts that it never did.”

via Atrios, Kautilyan has the skinny on this one.

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