Campaign 2010

Jun 02, 2004

Pelosi on Herseth

“I am thrilled to welcome Congresswoman-elect Stephanie Herseth to the House Democratic Caucus. Stephanie will be an outstanding representative for South Dakota, and will be a wonderful addition to the Caucus.


“Stephanie Herseth’s win tonight sends a clear message to President Bush and Congressional Republicans: Americans are ready for a change.


“For the second straight special election, Democrats have triumphed in a rural and conservative district because voters know Democrats share their values: first and foremost a secure America, good jobs, better access to health care and the best education for their children.


“Americans do not want a ‘Rubberstamp Republican’ who vote for the extreme Republican agenda in Washington that does nothing to create jobs, bring down the high cost of prescription drugs, or improve their children’s education.


“Democrats have proven we can win in South Dakota and Kentucky, confirming that we can win in rural districts across the country, from Georgia, to Colorado to Washington state and everywhere in between. In November, the American people will vote for change and elect a Democratic House of Representatives, a Democratic Senate and send George W. Bush back to Texas.”

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