Campaign 2010

May 25, 2004

Pelosi on Bush’s Speech

Democratic Leader:

“The plan outlined by the President last night might have had more of a chance for success had it been announced a year ago.


“The apparent aimlessness that has characterized Iraq policy for the past year has not encouraged international cooperation in either security or reconstruction, and has hardened the negative attitudes of some influential Iraqis. Success in Iraq will require a much more sustained effort to build international support than the Bush Administration has made thus far.


“The symbolism of the June 30 transfer of authority and the destruction of the Abu Ghraib prison, as suggested by Congressman Jack Murtha and others, are significant. But what was most clear from the President’s words last night is that there is a dangerous and expensive road ahead for the United States before the mission in Iraq will be accomplished. He should have made that clear before we went to war, not more than a year later.”

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