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Jun 03, 2004

PAYGO Flippity Floppity


“The moderates need to read the Republican philosophy… What we believe is you don’t have paygo for tax cuts.”

- Majority Leader Tom DeLay, May 18, 2004


”[Former New York Congressman] Jack Kemp worships at the altar of tax cuts. Jack has always said that deficits don’t matter. We think that deficits do matter.”

- Majority Leader Tom DeLay, 1997

“I rise in support of this legislation that finally balances our Federal budget.  It is about time.  I have waited my entire adult life for it.”

- Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Congressional Record, July 30, 1997, regarding the Balanced Budget Act which included PAYGO

Update: Priorities and “the altar of tax cuts”...

They have tried sweet-talk and dire warnings, insults and bluffing tactics. None of it has worked, which is why a growing number of Republicans are beginning to despair about agreeing on a budget plan for next year.


Embarrassing as that would be for the party that controls both houses of Congress, many Republicans are concluding they would be better off with no budget plan than with one that would require them to pay the cost of permanently extending last year’s tax cuts.

Emphasis added, despicability inherent.

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