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Oct 12, 2012

Pants on Fire: Jason Plummer Still Lying About TV Ads

 Unexplained millionaire Jason Plummer is still lying about Democratic TV ads being pulled down. The reality is that Plummer has a problem with the truth and can’t face tough questions about his so-called business and policy experience and his support for plans that end the Medicare guarantee just to give tax breaks to millionaires like himself and companies that outsource jobs. Cap Fax first caught Plummer in the lie about TV ads and the Belleville News Democrat pointed out Plummer is still lying about the ads and other misleading claims he made during this week’s congressional debate.

 “Jason Plummer is giving Illinois voters a front row seat into the kind of politician they can expect in Washington – a first-rate liar,” said Haley Morris of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Apparently running for 4 years has schooled Jason Plummer to lie about just about anything, but Illinois families deserve better.”


Plummer Refused to Release His Tax Returns, Falsely Claims All His Financial Information is Publicly Available. In an October 10, 2012 debate Plummer again refused to release his tax rates, and falsely claimed “anything that people want to know about my assets, my investments, any liabilities, anything I have, it’s all public information you can go look it up.” In reality, Plummer has never released his tax returns. [Belleville News-Democrat’s 12th Congressional District Debate, 10/10/12; St. Louis Post Dispatch, 2/23/12]

Plummer Touts Business Experience, But He Never Worked Anywhere but the Family Business. During an October 11, 2012 debate Plummer said that voters of Illinois’ 12th Congressional District should send a small businessman to Congress.  Plummer said, “I’d argue you send a small businessman to Washington, D.C., a small businessman who understands public policy.” The Chicago Tribune has previously reported, however, that other than his internships, Plummer had never worked anywhere but the family business, RP Lumber.  In addition, Plummer has been repeatedly caught exaggerating his resume. [Belleville News-Democrat’s 12th Congressional District Debate, 10/10/12; Chicago Tribune, 10/10/10; Chicago Tribune, 2/13/10; State Journal-Register, 2/11/10]

Plummer Claimed His Internship Made Him an Authority on Tax Policy.  At a town hall event in June 2012, Plummer touted his internship experience at the Heritage Foundation claiming that he wrote several papers on tax loopholes. Plummer said, “I think that we have to tackle the loopholes that exist, and the interesting thing about me is you can find papers that I wrote a long time ago, dating back to ’05 at the Heritage Foundation, and things I worked on then, that talked about the fact that the loopholes were being exploited.” His experience at the Heritage Foundation, however, was only an internship. According to Brian Darling, a Heritage Foundation official, interns like Plummer spent a lot of their time “dragging around food for meetings and making copies.” [Carbondale Town Hall, 6/15/12; Chicago Tribune, 2/13/10]

Plummer Lied About Endorsing Paul Ryan’s Plan.  In an October 10, 2012 debate Plummer denied endorsing vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s budget plan.  In reality, during a June 2012 town hall, Plummer was asked if he supported the Ryan plan.  He answered “The specifics of it are pretty simple. I think that the Ryan plan aggressively addresses basically every entitlement program that we have. […] I think the benefits of the Ryan plan are pretty obvious.  They aggressively put Social Security in a situation where it will actually be there for people that are retiring.  It puts Medicare in a situation that it will actually be there to fund the healthcare needs of the people that it’s there for.  The negatives of the Ryan care are very political to be frank.” [The Southern, 10/11/12; Alton Town Hall, 6/12/12, 2:07]

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