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Apr 19, 2004

Outrages of the Week

In another little known fact about our “traditional” site, we have a regular feature entitled “Outrage of the Week.”  Normally it’s a short, under-the-radar, entertaining nugget, good for killing some free time.  I used it this week to write a bit a of an extended analysis on the prevalence of the “partisanship” charge that the GOP has adopted as a catch-all response to anything the slightest bit disloyal to the greater cause of their reelection.  I was inpired by the following quotes:

“The American people have got to stand behind the administration. And again, it’s not a partisan thing.”
- Solicitor General Ted Olson, April 13, on Fox News’s Hannity & Colmes.

“I promise you this, if George Bush loses the election, Osama bin Laden wins the election, it’s that simple.”
- Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), March 4, 2004

“Partisan mudslinging, circus-atmosphere pyrotechnics and gotcha-style questioning do not get us any closer to the truth.  They serve as dangerous distractions from the global war on terror. They undermine our national unity and insult the troops now in harm’s way, to say nothing of those who have already given their lives in this conflict.”
- GOP Leader Tom DeLay, in his 8/16/04 letter to 9/11 Commission Chairman Thomas H. Kean.

“Were just following the old adage of punish your enemies and reward your friends.  We dont like to deal with people who are trying to kill the [Republican] revolution.  We know who they are.  The word is out.”
- GOP Leader Tom DeLay, Washington Post, 11/27/95

Here’s the full analysis, including some enlightening excerpts from John Dean’s appearance on Hannity & colmes.

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