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Apr 23, 2014

Out of Excuses: DCCC Sends “Republican Budget for Dummies” So Republicans Can Come Clean

Republicans are bending over backward to avoid answering questions about their budget, so the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is making it easier for them to understand how their leaders would sell out the middle class in favor of special interests. After the DCCC sent candidates a copy of the 102-page Republican budget last week, the Committee is following up with the “Republican Budget for Dummies,” in case the original was too long.  

“Republicans are out of excuses. In case the 102-page Republican budget we sent them was too long, we are providing a handy cheat sheet containing all of the middle class-squeezing, special interest-coddling lowlights in the Republican budget,” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Republicans cannot hide from the American people any longer, since this one simple guide shows how the Republican budget obliterates 3 million jobs and hikes middle class families’ taxes by $2,000, all while handing millionaires and special interests tax breaks. With this guidebook in hand, Republicans can now come clean as to how they would vote on these backward priorities.”

See the 2-page “Republican Budget for Dummies” primer here:

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