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Dec 11, 2013

On the Farm Bill, Candidate Rodney Davis Would Fire Congressman Rodney Davis

When it comes to the Farm Bill, candidate Rodney Davis made his standard clear last year, saying that “we’ve got to score some touchdowns and to do that we actually have to work with both parties.” But now Congressman Rodney Davis is getting ready to go on vacation for the rest of the year without passing the Farm Bill. Politico reported Tuesday that Congress will not pass a 5-year Farm Bill before the end of the year. Davis even described failure to pass a Farm Bill as “dereliction of duty.”

“Candidate Rodney Davis said the failure to pass a Farm Bill was a “dereliction of duty,” and now he’s failed to pass a bill as Congressman,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Farmers demanding answers from Congressman Davis will no doubt find him as hard to reach as the Office of Congressional Ethics, since Davis will be leaving Washington this week for vacation after failing again on the Farm Bill.”


Farm Bill Negotiators Failed to Reach A Deal Before the End of the Year. In 2013, Politico reported, “Farm bill negotiators conceded Tuesday that they will not finish their work before Congress goes home for the year, but insisted that they are close to a final deal and working toward floor action in early January.” [Politico, 12/10/13]

  • Headline: No Farm Bill in 2013 [Politico, 12/10/13]

2013: Congressman Davis was Named to Farm Bill Conference.  In October 2013, Congress Rodney Davis Congressional Office announced “that he has been selected to serve on the House-Senate Conference Committee tasked with resolving differences between the House and Senate-passed Farm Bills. The House passed, by voice vote, a motion to go to conference with the Senate on Friday.” [Office of Rep. Davis, 10/12/13]

2012: Candidate Davis Criticized Congress for Failing to Work Together on the Farm Bill. In a July 2012 radio interview Davis said, “I think we need to send people back out to Washington like me who will actually understand we’ve got to score some touchdowns and to do that we actually have to work with both parties and that’s what they are failing to do right now on the farm bill and that’s what they are failing to do right now on the tax issues and extending the bush tax cuts permanently and it’s a complete and utter failure and its unacceptable.” [WHOW, 7/30/12]

2012: Candidate Davis Said a Failure to Pass a Farm Bill was “a Dereliction of Duty of Republicans and Democrats.” In September 2012, Davis said the failure to pass the bill, “a dereliction of duty of Republicans and Democrats.” Davis added “right now Washington's too polarized and the American public continues to believe that. They just don't think Democrats and Republicans are making any progress.” [Bellville News Democrat, 9/8/12]

National Farmers Union: “Congress Should Stay in Town and Finish its Work.” “The National Farmers Union Board of Directors calls upon the U.S. Congress to remain in Washington, D.C., until it passes, and the president signs, a comprehensive five-year farm bill into law this year. The current farm bill has been allowed to expire twice and farmers, ranchers, fishermen and rural Americans deserve the certainty of a five-year farm bill […] Congress should stay in town and finish its work on behalf of the 16 million people directly employed in agriculture.” [National Farmers Union, 11/09/13]

American Farm Bureau: “The Only Extension Farm Bureau Supports is a Five-Year Extension.” “The only extension Farm Bureau supports is a five-year extension that looks a lot like the new farm bill that is working its way through Congress.” [American Farm Bureau Federation,  9/19/13]

National Farmers Union: Groups Calling for Extension Do Not Have the Interests of Farmers in Mind. “An extension will not solve the issue of uncertainty that U.S. family farmers and ranchers are facing each day that we continue to not have a new farm bill […] Organizations calling for an extension at this time do not have the  interests of family farmers, ranchers, fisherman and hungry Americans in mind.” [National Farmers Union, 9/11/13]

Office of Congressional Ethics Recommended that Rodney Davis be Subpoenaed For Failure to Cooperate in Schock Ethics Investigation. The Office of Congressional Ethics recommended in its report to the House Ethics Committee that Davis be subpoenaed in its investigation, since Davis has refused to cooperate with the probe. The OCE does not have subpoena power. [News Gazette, 2/8/11]

  • OCE Concluded That “There is Substantial Reason to Believe That the Alleged Violation Occurred” Because of Davis’ Refusal to Cooperate. The Office of Congressional Ethics report said that “the OCE draws a negative inference from Mr. Davis’ refusal to cooperate with the OCE. The OCE infers that the information Mr. Davis refused to provide, taken together with the factual findings in this referral, supports the conclusion that there is substantial reason to believe that the alleged violation occurred.” [News Gazette, 2/8/11]
  • Headline: U.S. Rep. Davis Didn't Cooperate with Inquiry [State Journal- Register, 2/7/13]

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