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Jun 22, 2004

On Oversight

Democratic Leader:

Washington, D.C.—In two letters sent today, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle, and other Congressional Leaders demanded a response from the President and the Republican leaders in Congress on allegations that the Medicare Chief Actuary was forced to withhold Medicare cost estimates from Congress last year. These allegations include charges that the Bush Administration violated federal law.


The Members wrote:


“During the Clinton Administration, the actions of White House and other executive branch officials were repeatedly investigated by the Republican-controlled Congress. Committee chairmen issued over 1,000 subpoenas for documents related to Administration conduct, dozens of senior White House officials were called to testify or give depositions before committees, and no allegation seemed too small to pursue.


“During the Bush Administration, the Republican-controlled Congress has veered to the opposite extreme. Major allegations of misconduct, such as the outing of the identity of a covert CIA agent for political gain, have been ignored.


“This is fundamentally wrong. Our constitutional oversight responsibilities should not be driven by political expediency. Regardless of the party affiliation of the President, there are some matters that are too important to be ignored. The withholding of the Medicare cost estimates undermines the integrity of the legislative process. We will be derelict in our constitutional duties if we continue to overlook such a serious abuse.”

Link to full text of the two letters.

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