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Apr 29, 2004

Odds & Ends

Commentor R. Davis gives us a heads up on this careful analysis he or she wrote on the love affair between the RNC and the Treasury.

Also, Charles Kuffner (CK) sends in this interview he did with Martin Frost (D-TX24) just yesterday:

CK: In defending the re-redistricting of 2003 and its intent to oust incumbents such as yourself, Republicans often bring up the 1991 redistricting effort, which is cited as a prime example of partisan gerrymandering, in this case to the Democrats’ benefit. How do you respond to that?

MF: Their response is not only a feeble attempt to change the subject, but an inaccurate one. First, the map the Republicans redrew last year was not the 1991 map, but a fair and balanced plan drawn by the federal court. Second, the 1991 map was drawn immediately following the 1990 Census and did not require unprecedented changes in the legislative rules or arm-twisting from Washington. And third, while Democrats did draw a fairly bizarre looking map in 1991, it was not designed to eliminate Republicans. In fact, the 1991 map created three new minority districts while providing safe districts for every single Republican incumbent. Conversely, the GOP map just passed eliminated a minority district in North Texas and was drawn with the intent of eliminating as many as seven Democrats overall. GOP talk of the 1991 redistricting is simply a smokescreen.

Also check out another with Frost done by Burnt Orange Report.

And BTW, keep an eye out for another blog tour exchange with preeminent blog scholar Matt Stoller of BOP next week in addition to the previously announced Archpundit stop.

Oops, almost forgot.  @Stake just went out.  This week it was focused on the theme of The Extinction of the GOP Moderate, and it includes some material from this blog as well as links to Kevin Drum, Demagogue, and Brad DeLong.  More importantly, it serves as a lengthy answer to a comment we often get about “sensationalizing” and “demonizing” today’s GOP.  This election is not “Politics as Usual,” it is a test of whether our democracy can check the sort of unabashed corruption that the GOP is perpetrating or whether that corruption is, in tragic fact, an effective method of governing and campaigning.  If you have doubts, read it.

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