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Feb 13, 2004

NRCC “Telling it Like it Ain’t”

So our good friends at the NRCC struck another blow for “Fair and Balanced” coverage of the Kentucky race yesterday at their “Blog Across the Nation”.

They quote the Lexington Herald-Leader and say:

”’...a Korean War veteran, also presented Principi with 6,500 petition signatures urging him to invest more resources at the Leestown hospital.’ Although the same veteran was used in an ad by Chandler, ‘he declined to throw his support’ towards the failed gubernatorial candidate. (Lexington Herald-Leader, 2/12/04)”

Wow. Sounds like that was one Angry Vet… but the article actually said:

Evans, a former Leestown hospital patient and an advocate for the facility, has appeared at press conferences with Chandler and now with Kerr on the issue. He also starred in a television commercial for Chandler’s campaign.

Yesterday he declined to throw his support behind either one. “They both have promised to support our veterans,” he said. (emphasis added)

ummm, why do they only quote ‘... he declined to throw his support’ and not something like,

”... he declined to throw his support” to the “ventriloquist’s sidekick” (the Herald-Leader’s description of Kerr in their endorsement of Chandler)?

or maybe:

”... he declined to throw his support” behind the effort of “U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, who hand-picked [Kerr] as [the] GOP nominee, promised to ‘do whatever it takes’ to bury Chandler’s political ambitions under an avalanche of Republican money” (the Herald-Leader - again)?

I would have posted a comment to their “blog” regarding the out-of-context quote, but they apparently don’t allow regular folks to comment there.

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