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Feb 20, 2004

NRCC is NRCCrazy

You know, the NRCC can make all the snide comments they want, they can call our chair “Matsilly” on their “blog”, (the title of their post is “DCCC: Matsui is Matsilly”) but their nasty talk doesn’t change these two facts.

a) the article they cite implying that Chair Matsui and the Democrats are “suffering from an election night hangover” says nothing of ths sort. here is the full text of the article from USA Today.

b) the other article they cite (Wall Street Journal - registration required) correctly points out that:

This get-out-the-vote effort appears to have been effective, with Mr. Chandler winning by a 12 percentage-point margin. Republicans said they met their turnout target with 65,774 votes for Ms. Kerr, but the Democratic turnout gave Mr. Chandler 84,545 votes, or 55% of the total.

That’s right. The hundreds of DCCC volunteers who gave up their weekend and endured a long busride to KY, our online supporters who couldn’t make it but followed us on this blog, all of those folks who gave to the DCCC to help us fund these programs, and our local folks in Kentucky turned out almost 20,000 more voters than the GOP with all their money and all their attitude. 20,000 more votes.

So I will make you Democrats out there a deal. We can let the NRCC call us names, and you, hundreds of other volunteers and I will keep knocking on doors, talking to our neighbors and winning seats in “Bush Country” all the way through this election cycle.

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