Campaign 2010

Apr 09, 2004

NRCC fined $280,000 for Campaign Finance Law Violation

Holy crap.

The NRCC just got slapped with a $280,000 fine by the FEC (for cheating during the 2000 election cycle).

Here is the AP story (LA Times - free registration required).

The Federal Election Commission says the NRCC transferred $500,000 in soft money to the U.S. Family Network during the primary season in 1999 to fund political ads that the NRCC should have paid for with a mix of soft money—unlimited donations from companies and others—and hard money, limited contributions from individuals.

The U.S. Family Network sent $300,000 to another group, Americans for Economic Growth. AEG then spent about $260,000 to run radio ads in fall 1999 accusing Democrats of planning to raid the Social Security fund and use it on other programs.


The NRCC knew the U.S. Family Network planned to transfer money from the party committee to another group to pay for anti-Democratic ads, the FEC found.

Jesse had it right this morning...

“Anybody who gives us a donation today will be nominated for our super special hunky dory NRCC is Stupid Council, and will also become Businessperson of the Millenium and master of all he or she surveys.”

I should also point out that we would like to play the NRCC in softball, but they appear to not have a team. The NRSC, on the other hand has tentatively agreed to do battle with our mighty TEAM 218 on April 22nd.

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