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Mar 29, 2004

NRCC Abuses SD Newspaper

This editorial is fascinating reading, and really gives you a clue as to what we are going to be up against this June in South Dakota.

The NRCC had a TV ad up last week which “quoted” the Watertown Public Opinion. Problem is, the ad quoted the Public Opinion as supporting Diedrich, the GOP candidate, and saying that he “knows how to get things done.”

Well, today’s editorial, by Public Opinion Publisher Mark Roby (registration required), says:

Whoa! Wait a minute.

I never realized this newspaper had said that editorially.

He continues explaining that he has tried to get the NRCC to pull the PO’s quote from the ad, but they refused.

What is more, Roby noticed that:

The RNCC wasn’t quoting an editorial. They were quoting a correspondent’s column! (A correspondent is like our other columnists such as Sowell, Will or Novak, or feature writers such as the comics, Dear Annie or opinions page cartoons).

The TV ad was a misrepresentation at best of the P/O. We have not taken any position on this particular candidate. The RNCC lifted a line out of a columnist’s article, and attributed it as the official position of this newspaper. Wrong!

The NRCC ended up modifying the ad… but clearly, we are going to face GOP opposition in this race tougher than anything we saw in Kentucky. All hands on deck, please…

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—update: The Public Opinion has moved its editorial… so the links don’t work…

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