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Feb 10, 2004


The first showdown between Democrats-Republicans in the 2004 elections takes place in the upcoming special election in Kentucky. Here’s why it’s so important. 

1. AUDIENCE: From Karl Rove burning the midnight oil at 1600, to those monitoring the results from �undisclosed locations,” Republicans will be reading the electoral tea leaves to see if the public’s buying what they’re selling. Political reporters will be watching closely.  Yesterday influential election analyst Stu Rothernberg, wrote in Roll Call  (registration required) that a loss here would be a huge slap in the face to the GOP.

2. WE CAN WIN: The race pits Democrat Ben Chandler, the former Kentucky Attorney General, against State Senator Alice Forgy Kerr, whose principal credential appears to be that she doesn’t make waves (she’s actually bragged about being �cut from the same cloth” as President Bush).

3. CURRENT SNAPSHOT: The race is tight, but the latest polls have Chandler up by 6 among voters who are “certain to vote”.


We’ve all heard that Democrats can’t win in the south.  But this race isn’t about �conventional wisdom,” it’s about real people who care about the kinds of issues that families talk about every day � OUR ISSUES.

We’ve kept pace with the river of Republican money flowing into this race, but given the stakes, the GOP is launching an all-out push moving armies in to get out their vote. 

If you’re DC, MD or VA, you should register to head down to Kentucky with the DCCC. If you can’t go yourself, pass it along. The DCCC will be picking up the costs of transportation, meals and housing for the trip - we leave this Friday!

Also, this and our other activities cost a lot of scratch…. so, if you can’t go personally, please consider sponsoring a volunteer (it will cost us about $150 per person). You can contribute at (If you can’t afford $150 yourself don’t worry.  See if you can get a couple of friends to pitch in, but give what you can).  Believe it � winning this election will be HUGE!


(Peter �W” [we don’t use that letter anymore] is Producer for the DCCC’s Online Operations department)

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