Campaign 2010

Apr 22, 2004

Not These Jerks Again

Yup, it’s your good friends at the Coalition for the Future American Worker, who as we have discussed before, are some rabid, racist anti-immigration folks who have been running ads against Democratic candidates, most notably Martin Frost in TX-32.  Well after being more or less run out of town down there, they’ve taken their rancor up to South Dakota (presumably to stop the influx migrant Canadians):

A television ad claiming that Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D., has introduced a bill to offer jobs and amnesty to more than 6 million illegal aliens is false and should be pulled, according to Daschle’s lawyer.

Robert Bauer sent a letter to South Dakota television stations asking them to take the ad, sponsored by the Coalition for the Future American Worker , off the air.

“The Coalition’s latest ad ... contains numerous and obvious falsehoods,” Bauer wrote. “These falsehoods, and the Coalition’s history of racist and inflammatory advertising, render this ad unfit for your station.”

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