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Oct 04, 2012

New TV Ad Shows How Career Political Insider Rodney Davis Will Cost Illinois Families

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Independent Expenditure launched its fifth TV ad condemning career political insider Rodney Davis as wrong for Illinois. The DCCC’s ad, “1,400” shows how Rodney Davis who’s already lost twice for political office, will cost Illinois middle class families $1,400 in higher taxes. While Davis would increase taxes on the middle class, he’ll give a new $260,000 tax break to millionaires.


Script of “1,400”

Voiceover:      Fourteen hundred dollars.
A mortgage payment. A tuition payment.  Months’ worth of groceries.
That’s how much Insider Rodney Davis would increase taxes on the middle class each year.
Why?  To pay for tax breaks that Davis’ plan would give to millionaires.
Two hundred and sixty thousand dollars a year in tax breaks for millionaires...
Fourteen hundred more reasons why Rodney Davis is wrong for Illinois.
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