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Oct 12, 2012

New TV Ad: Paul Ryan and Congresswoman Buerkle Voted to End Medicare, Raise Taxes on Middle Class

 The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today launched its fifth Independent Expenditure campaign TV ad in NY-24 following the Vice Presidential debate, criticizing Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle for voting the party line and supporting Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan to end guaranteed Medicare benefits and force seniors to negotiate with insurance companies while paying thousands more for care. The Ryan-Buerkle Plan would also raise taxes on middle class families while giving massive new tax breaks for millionaires.  The DCCC ad begins running Friday.  

Party Line

Script of DCCC IE AD “Party Line”:

Voiceover:  With Ann Marie Buerkle, it’s all about the party line.

Ann Marie Buerkle voted for Paul Ryan’s plan.  Mitt Romney endorsed it.

The plan ends guaranteed Medicare benefits …

Seniors have to negotiate with insurance companies and pay thousands more … 

The Ryan Plan increases taxes on middle class families …

And cuts taxes for millionaires.  

Ann Marie Buerkle putting the party line ahead of taxpayers.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. 

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