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Jun 14, 2004

New Questions


Beginning in November, a small unit of interrogators at Abu Ghraib prison began reporting allegations of prisoner abuse, including the beatings of five blindfolded Iraqi generals, in internal documents sent to senior officers, according to interviews with military personnel who worked in the prison.


The disclosure of the documents raises new questions about whether senior officers in Iraq were alerted about serious abuses at the prison before January. Top military officials have said they only learned about abuses then, after a soldier came forward with photographs of the abuse.

Those questions aren’t “new,” of course.  They date back to Hersh’s first piece, and the fact that they remain unanswered can and must be explained with two words: “Cover up.”

This is yet another day to watch the Rumsfeld Wire, and I noticed through technorati that a site called Jag Central, run by “a Captain in the US Army, a former Army helicopter pilot, and a student at UCLA School of Law” has been keeping excellent tabs on the coverage of this story, take a look.

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