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Sep 24, 2013

New Polling: House Republican Insanity in a Downward Spiral

Yesterday was an epically horrendous day for House Republicans as polls show their demand to shut down the government unless they can defund the Affordable Care Act and give insurance companies free rein over health care is deeply unpopular with the American people. Nearly every House Republican voted to do just that on Friday, and every national poll has shown that the American people are rejecting House Republicans’ strategy.

The CNBC All-America Economic Survey found that Americans oppose the Republican plan to demand defunding or shutdown by 40 points (59 percent to 19 percent).

  • Among independents, opposition to the Republican proposal grows to 65 percent, while support drops to just 14 percent.
  • Even among self-identified Republicans, 48 percent oppose defunding health care while only 36 percent support it.

The Pew Research Center for People and the Press poll found that a majority (50 percent) oppose the Republican plan while only 38 percent said they support it.

  • 54 percent of Republicans not aligned with the Tea Party say they would rather compromise than push this plan but 71 percent of Tea Party identified voters said they support the Republican plan “even if the government shuts down.”

A new United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll found that 63 percent of voters want to keep government from shutting down and deal with health care as a separate issue. Only 27 percent supported the Republican demand to shutdown the government unless they can defund the Affordable Care Act.

  • Among Republicans, 51 percent said Congress should keep the issues separate while 42 percent of Republicans supported Congressional Republicans in demanding defunding of the Affordable Care Act or a shutdown of government.
  • 68 percent of Women oppose the Republican plan to shutdown government over the defund demand while only 21 support.

Three different polls showed just how out-of-touch House Republicans have become with their threat to shut down the government unless health insurance companies can charge more, profit more and give Americans fewer benefits and protections.

The American people don’t want the government to shut down – costing our men and women in uniform their pay and jeopardizing Social Security recipients’ checks – nor do they want the Affordable Care Act dismantled, taking away health care protections and benefits for consumers while letting insurance companies raise rates and profit more again.

Sure enough, the American people are rejecting House Republicans because House Republicans are doubling down and trying to do both – at all costs. 

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