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Jul 25, 2013

New NBC/WSJ Poll: Republican Congress Hits All Time Low

The newly released NBC/WSJ poll is the latest poll to show how the national mood has turned against this Republican Congress and how deeply disconnected they are with voters on the major issues.

Voters don’t approve of this Republican Congress and want to change it.

  • 83 percent of voters disapprove of this Republican Congress, a record high for the NBC/WSJ poll.
  • Voters disapprove of Speaker Boehner by a 2-1 margin (18 percent approval to 36 percent disapproval). Boehner’s positive rating is only 35 percent among Republicans. [WSJ’s Neil King on Twitter, 7/24/13]
  • Among Americans under 35, only 23 percent say they’re Republicans while 50 percent identify as Democrats. [WSJ’s Neil King on Twitter, 7/24/13]
  • 57 percent of voters want to “give a new person a chance” instead of re-electing their current Representative, the highest number since Republicans took control of Congress in 2010.

There’s a reason voters hate this Republican Congress. They are out-of-step with the voters they represent.

  • The number 1 problem with this Republican Congress that voters cited (44 percent) was "the partisanship and inability of Congress to get things done.”
  • If Congress is unable to get an immigration solution in this Congress, 44 percent of voters will blame Republicans in Congress while only 14 percent will blame Democrats in Congress. When Republicans say they need to focus on border security first, 59 percent of voters (and 79 percent of Latinos) see that for what it is – an excuse to delay action on immigration reform.
  • A majority (51 percent) of voters say Republicans in Congress should stop trying to block the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans are scared of their own base.

  • Voters overwhelmingly (56 percent) say that Republicans in Congress are too inflexible in dealing with President Obama while only 18 percent say they’re too quick to give in to him. However, Republican voters believe Congressional Republicans have given in to the President too quickly.

"In their mind, Republicans have been too quick to give in to Obama," says McInturff, the GOP pollster, about the views of self-identified Republicans in the poll. "For the average Republican House member, he or she is more likely to be concerned about a primary than general election." [NBC News, 7/24/13]

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