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Oct 16, 2012

New DCCC TV Ad: No Room for the Middle Class With “Payday” Paton

 The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is continuing its offense against Republican congressional candidate Jonathan “Payday” Paton with its fourth Independent Expenditure ad reminding voters that Paton sides with special interest campaign contributors over the middle class. Payday Paton lobbied for the pay day lending industry and advocated for undoing the state referendum ending these predatory payday loan practices that take advantage of seniors and hard-working Arizona families. And in the State Legislature, Payday Paton co-sponsored a bill to legalize small consumer loans with interest rates up to 180%. Voters can’t trust Payday Paton to stand up for the middle class in Washington when he sides against them in Arizona.

Script of “No Room” (AZ-01)

Voiceover:  Payday Paton and his friends. Where does the middle class fit in? 

You don't. 

Paton took more than seventy thousand from special interests.

And as a corporate lobbyist for the payday loan industry? You didn't fit there either. 

Paton supported letting them gouge us. One hundred eighty percent interest.

With Payday Paton, there's just no room for the middle class.

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