Campaign 2010

Oct 12, 2012

New DCCC TV Ad: Congressman Denham “Not Quite Honest”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching its third Independent Expenditure campaign TV ad once again exposing Congressman Jeff Denham (CA-10) as a career politician looking out for himself rather than California’s middle class. Congressman Denham, who has been named by an independent watchdog group as one of the most corrupt politicians, voted to keep perks for Members of Congress like himself, including first class airfare and private planes at taxpayer expense. And as a State Senator, Denham secretly requested pay raises, a practice one newspaper called “not quite honest.”


Script of “Raise” CA-10

Announcer:     Is this what Valley families are looking for in a Congressman?
Someone whose behavior the Fresno Bee called “not quite honest.”
Someone an independent watchdog group named to their most corrupt politicians’ list.
Someone who wrote secret letters asking for pay raises he promised he wouldn’t take.
Someone who voted to let members of Congress fly first class and use private planes on the taxpayer’s dime.
Jeff Denham. We’ve had enough.
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