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Oct 15, 2012

New DCCC Ad: Congressman Joe Heck’s Social Security Views Too Extreme

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is continuing to hold Congressman Joe Heck (NV-03) accountable for his extreme views on Social Security with its fourth Independent Expenditure ad “Scheme.” Congressman Heck has doubled downed on his comments calling Social Security a “pyramid scheme.” He also supports privatizing the program that Nevada seniors rely on, risking their retirement on the stock market while Wall Street banks make millions. Nevada seniors can’t afford Joe Heck.


Script of “Scheme” (NV-03)
Voiceover:      300,000 Nevadans count on Social Security.
But Congressman Joe Heck? He called it a pyramid scheme.
Newscaster:    Joe Heck is choking on his words after referring to Social Security as a pyramid scheme at a recent town hall.
Voiceover:      And Joe Heck supported turning Social Security funds over to Wall Street.
Putting your retirement at risk, while Wall Street banks make billions.
Joe Heck.  He’s just too extreme for Nevada.  
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