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Sep 28, 2012

New DCCC Ad: Congressman Gibson and Romney Have Wrong “Priorities”

 The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching its third Independent Expenditure campaign TV ad in NY-19 contrasting Congressman Chris Gibson and Mitt Romney’s wrong priorities of ending Medicare so they can pay for more tax breaks for millionaires with Julian Schreibman who wants to put the middle class first.  Congressman Gibson supported the Romney-Ryan budget that AARP says, “will increase costs for beneficiaries while removing Medicare’s promise of secure health coverage.” The DCCC ad began running today.  

Recent polling shows that Mitt Romney is an anchor weighing down New York Republicans.  Both Siena and Quinnipiac polls show Obama outperforming his 2008 results statewide.  Speaker Boehner has said this will be a major drag on New York Republicans like Congressman Gibson, and that they are “frankly pretty vulnerable.”


Script of DCCC IE AD “Priorities”:

Voiceover:  It’s a matter of priorities.

Chris Gibson put his party first when he voted to end the Medicare guarantee. 

Gibson would make seniors pay thousands more, while millionaires get more tax breaks.

Julian Schreibman says put the middle class first.

End the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

Cut wasteful spending.

Invest in our schools and high tech research. 

Julian Schreibman. The right priorities.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. 

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