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Oct 10, 2012

New Ad, Constituents Blast Congressman Schilling for Breaking Promises and Ending Medicare

In the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Independent Expenditure’s fourth TV ad, Congressman Schilling’s constituents weigh in on his failed priorities in Washington. Even though some constituents have paid over 40 years into Medicare, Congressman Schilling voted to cut Medicare, just give tax breaks to millionaires. The DCCC’s TV ad, “Justice,” starts running today.



Script of DCCC IE AD “Justice”

Constituent 1:            42 years I’ve been working.
Constituent 2:            Paying all those years into Medicare.

Constituent 1:            That’s part of my future.
Voiceover:                  Congressman Bobby Schilling voted to cut Medicare, costing seniors sixty four hundred dollars more per year for health care…
Constituent 3:            People can’t afford $6400 a year.

Constituent 1:            $6400 is not affordable.

Voiceover:                  …Just to fund tax cuts for millionaires.
Constituent 4:            I don’t know how we’d handle that.
Constituent 1:            There’s just no way.
Constituent 5:            Bob just doesn’t get it.

Constituent 1:            Bobby.

Constituent 3:            Bobby.
Constituent 5:            Bobby.
Constituent 2:            We worked all our lives.

Constituent 4:            And to take that away from us now would be a lie.

Constituent 2:            Congressman, you broke a promise to me.

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