Campaign 2010

Jun 03, 2004

More Reason to Rejoice

We all just got back from Stephanie Herseth’s swearing in (great turnout from Dem reps, a little lighter from the GOP side), and it was definitely inspiring.  A couple scribbled quotes from Herseth;

“The people of South Dakota can once again have their voice in this great chamber.”

“Thanks to my parents, the strongest people I know, who taught me to reach across disagreements to find common ground.”

I also talked to a woman with her kids, and asked her why she was there.

“Well, we’re from South Dakota and were in town and just wanted to see Stephanie take her seat.  Me and my husband just felt she was so sincere and bright and would work, you know, for the good of South Dakota.  I hope she stays here a long time.”

Also, don’t miss this story in the San Francisco Chronicle:

A pair of special election wins in strong Republican states, combined with President Bush’s skidding national popularity, has Democratic leaders giddy over the once-unthinkable possibility of taking back Congress in November.


“It’s all about momentum,’’ San Francisco Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, said Wednesday. “We’re on a roll.’’


A buoyant Pelosi said Tuesday’s win in South Dakota’s special congressional election and the Democrats’ House special election win in Kentucky in February show that her party can win back the House and the Senate in November.


People who don’t think Democrats can win the House this year “just don’t understand,’’ Pelosi said. “We’ll demonstrate district by district how we intend to win.’’

And the Republican implosion is only just beginning...

Update:  Many have asked us what our target races are, and while we’re generally very reluctant to give those out for various reasons, there’s no harm in letting you know that the Chronicle article has a list of House and Senate target races for both sides, which I’m posting in the extended entry.  As far as confirmation goes, I’ll say that most of these look about right, but there are many more we think we’ll win, and we fight to win in every race.

Election targets
Both parties have focused on a number of key races as Republicans seek to keep their hold on the Senate and House while Democrats hope to win back both houses of Congress. Here are some of those elections:


Republicans currently hold 228 House seats to 206 for the Democrats with one independent.

Democratic House targets

Arizona 1st District (Flagstaff): Freshman Republican Rick Renzi

Colorado 7th District (suburban Denver): Freshman Republican Bob Beauprez

Georgia 12th District (Savannah): Freshman Republican Max Burns

Washington 8th District (Bellevue): Open seat of a retiring Republican

Republican House targets

California 20th District (Fresno): Open Democratic seat

Kansas 3rd District (Lawrence): Three-term Democrat Dennis Moore

Kentucky 4th District (Covington): Open Democratic seat

Louisiana 7th District (Lafayette): Open Democratic seat


Republicans hold a 51-48 edge in the Senate. One independent generally votes with the Democrats.

Democratic Senate targets

Alaska: Appointed Republican Lisa Murkowski

Colorado: Open Republican seat

Illinois: Open Republican seat

Oklahoma: Open Republican seat

Republican Senate targets

Florida: Open Democratic seat

Georgia: Open Democratic seat

South Carolina: Open Democratic seat

South Dakota: Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle

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