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Feb 18, 2004

More Photos from Kentucky!

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Vicious Attack Poodle…

Shall keep the DCCC Volunteers from finding every last vote in Kentucky 6!

Here are some more photos from election day.

(again, the photos are kind of big, so the page will take a while to load)

Polls opened at 6 am in Kentucky, so we were up and loaded in our vans by 5 am. It never ceases to amaze me how chipper people can be at 5 am when they sense a chance to beat the GOP…

The vans took off for separate locations all around Lexington and Frankfort (for those of you NOT from Kentucky, Frankfort is the capital city). Once there, we stood out on busy street corners reminding drivers, bus riders and walkers that there was an election that day.

After that, we hopped in the vans again, got our lit and started knocking on doors. We wanted to make sure that as many folks as possible got to the polls to support Chandler. If there wasn’t anyone home, we left a flyer on their door reminding them of the election.

As we all learned, Kentucky has a lot of dogs. Most of the time, they are confined, so it isn’t a problem. Some of our volunteers, however, did have some run-ins with overprotective pooches. Here you see Staci, one of my election day crewmates, beating a hasty retreat from a Standard Poodle. On the plus side, the pup’s owners had already been to the polls and voted for Representative-Elect Chandler (I do love saying that).

Thankfully, no animals or volunteers were hurt in the conduct of this election, although there are lots of us with REALLY sore legs.

We were out on the streets pretty late, so the election had been called for Chandler soon after everybody had gotten showered up. Since we didn’t have time to make it down to the Chandler party, He was kind enough to come up and thank us personally.

He was greeted by some very tired, but squeaky-clean and pleasant smelling volunteers from across the nation.

He didn’t pull one of those drop-in visits, either. He stayed for a long time thanking all of us personally, and even took the time to speak to one of our people’s fianc�e.

All in all, a GREAT TIME was had by all. Except the 800 or so odd GOP volunteers bussed in by the NRCC…. They seemed awful nice, though.

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