Campaign 2010

May 24, 2004

More Dirty Spies

You may have heard about Obama’s stalker, but down in Kentucky-3…

Anne Northrup Spy.gif

A common but sometimes covert campaign tactic, sending observers to monitor the opposing candidate, became unusually public last week in the race for Congress in the 3rd District between Republican Rep. Anne Northup and Democrat Tony Miller.

On the home page of the Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party’s Web site,, the first picture was of two smiling young men at the party’s primary-night celebration. They were labeled “Anne Northup Spies.”

On another section of the site, in a series of photos from the event, a picture of one of the men appeared three times and each time was labeled “Anne Northup’s spy.” The other fellow, who brought a video camera, was asked to leave, and did, according to the site.

Northup’s chief of staff, Terry Carmack, confirmed that the two were on assignment from Northup’s campaign.

“We’re making any and all efforts to smoke Tony Miller out and get him on record to see if he has one single original idea of his own to offer,” Carmack said.


Miller campaign manager Kris Schultz shot back, “That’s really ironic, coming from a candidate who 98 percent of the time follows her Republican leaders and George Bush.”

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