Campaign 2010

Jun 10, 2004

Misplaced Loyalties

From Bulletin News (super-subscription):

House GOP Considers How To Keep DeLay In Job.  House Republicans are reviewing what they might do about a rule that seemingly would force Majority Leader Tom DeLay to step down from his post if he were indicted as a result of an ongoing investigation into Texas political finance laws. Insiders today revealed that Republicans are considering a “spontaneous” vote of support for DeLay that would allow the leader to stay in his post during the probe. The rule, said top Republican aides, is meant to target leaders facing indictment on major criminal offenses, such as bribery. In DeLay’s case, a Democratic prosecutor is looking into allegedly illegal contributions into “Texans for a Republican Majority,” an organization founded by DeLay. Some Republicans who say they expect an indictment also predict an easy acquittal. Republicans stressed that DeLay is giving no signals to other leaders about how to handle any indictment, if one occurs. Said one official: “There just might be a spontaneous burst of support and a vote to let him remain.” - Bulletin exclusive from U.S. News

“Easy Acquittal.”

Is the entire GOP really going to stage a massive show of loyalty to an indicted crook? 
By all means, please do.

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