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Jul 23, 2013

#MicMalfunction? What You Couldn’t Hear Mike Coffman Say Today

Another day, another example of Congressman Mike Coffman ducking the hard questions about immigration, after an apparent microphone malfunction prevented him from being heard during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on the subject. Since it’s not clear what Congressman Coffman said, and given his notorious reluctance to answer questions from local reporters on the subject, below are a few possible things Congressman Coffman might have said during his testimony today.

“Congressman Coffman is ducking the hard questions in Colorado because he can’t defend his vote against the DREAM Act, his hero-worship of anti-immigrant zealot Tom Tancredo, and his vote just a month ago to start deporting DREAMers again,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Coffman can run, but he can’t hide from his Tea Party record opposing immigration reform.”

A few ideas of what Congressman Coffman might have said:

Congressman Coffman Might Have Elaborated on His Theory Last Year That Immigrants Come Here Seeking Welfare:

Coffman suggested the U.S. was Encouraging Immigrants to be on Public Assistance. “You know, my mother immigrated to the country but, you know, not to be on public assistance; not with the thought of being eligible for an entitlement. But, my gosh, the way we’re structured […], we’re encouraging immigrants to some extent to be on public assistance. That has to stop and has to be part of comprehensive reform,” said Coffman. [Denver Post, 9/24/12]

Congressman Coffman Might Have Called the DREAM Act a Nightmare:

Coffman Said DREAM Act Would be a “Nightmare” for Americans. In 2010, Coffman said that the DREAM Act would be “a nightmare” for Americans. “The Dream Act will be a nightmare for the American people. No doubt, we need immigration reform but the Dream Act is written far too broadly and it will only encourage more illegal immigration, promote chain migration, and will be a magnet for fraud,” he said. [Office of Mike Coffman, 12/08/10]

Congressman Coffman Might Have Explained why He Opposed the DREAM Act:

Coffman Voted Against Legal Residency for Young, Undocumented Immigrants. In 2010, Coffman voted against the DREAM Act, which would provide a path to legal residency for hundreds of thousands of young, undocumented immigrants first brought to the United States illegally by their parents. The bill passed, 216-198. [HR 5281, Vote #625, 12/08/10; Denver post; 12/08/10]

Congressman Coffman Might Have Explained Why He Voted Just Last Month to Start Deporting DREAMers again:

June 2013: Coffman Voted to Restart the Deportation of an Estimated 800,000 DREAM Act Eligible Young People. In 2013, Congressman Coffman voted for an amendment to the 2014 Homeland Security appropriations bill that would prohibit the use of Immigration and Customs Enforcement funds to implement President Obama’s June 2012 order that protects the “DREAMers” from deportation—those estimated 800,000 young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children and have since led law-abiding lives. The amendment also prohibits other prosecutorial discretion policies that ensure the agency's immigration enforcement resources are targeted at serious criminals, and not at those who pose no threat to U.S. communities, such as victims of domestic violence and other crimes who come forward to seek protection and identify their abusers. The amendment passed, 224-201. [HR 2217, Vote #208, 6/06/13]

  • Colorado Independent: Coffman’s Support for the King Amendment Demonstrated His Insincerity on Immigration. The Colorado Independent reported that opposing the King amendment, “would have been an easy way for Coffman to demonstrate the sincerity of his new softer approach to immigration and tamp down criticism on the left that his conversion is mere political opportunism that should fail to fool voters.”  [Colorado Independent, 6/06/13]

Congressman Coffman Might Have Been Singing the Praises of his Hero, Tom Tancredo:

Coffman Said Former Congressman Tom Tancredo Was His “Hero.” In 2010, while speaking at a Tea Party Express event Coffman said, “It is a great honor for me to introduce, somebody that is my hero. Somebody that has served this country with honor and integrity and courage.  Somebody when the republican establishment in Washington went so and violated the principles that got them elected, who did not stand with them and that is former congressman Tom Tancredo.” [YouTube, uploaded 3/31/10]

Congressman Coffman Might Have Been Talking Up His Partnership (in the Last Congress) With Steve King to End Birthright Citizenship:

Cosponsored Congressman Steve King’s “Birthright Citizenship Act.” In January 2011, Coffman co-sponsored HR 140, the Birthright Citizenship Act.  According to Congressional quarterly the bill would have prohibited “the automatic granting of citizenship to U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants.” [112th Congress Co-Sponsorships, accessed 7/22/13; Congressional Quarterly, 1/24/11]

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