Campaign 2010

Mar 04, 2004

Meet the Press, Mr. Cole

The Jewish Forward wins the race:

“Republicans just haven’t learned from the bloopers uttered by the likes of conservative activist Grover Norquist, who compared the estate tax to the Holocaust.

“While Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie declared recently that such speech was hateful and a no-no, Rep. Tom Cole, an Oklahoma Republican, hasn’t heard.”

We might add this quote from Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.), who had some choice words for Bill Clinton a few years ago:

“I would draw a parallel to Hitler.  He eroded the will of the German people to resist evil.”

That quote is buttressed by two other Republicans comparing Clinton to Hitler in a June 28, 2000 Wa Po “In the Loop.”

Back to Cole.  The AP took second in reporting it, although it quotes from a CNN interview:

“‘What I am saying is that in a time of war, if our commander in chief is defeated in an election, our adversary will regard that as a triumph,’ Cole told CNN in an interview Thursday.”

Well that’s great.  Perhaps we should just call off all the elections until the war is over.  Just tell the President to let us know when that will be- oh wait, he already did:

“America, and the entire civilized world, will face this threat for decades to come.”

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