Campaign 2010

Apr 28, 2004

Meet the New Boss

Much different than the old boss (Roll Call):

The New Boss? The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched, a new Web site dedicated to making House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) the first woman in U.S. history to wield the Speaker’s gavel.

“We need you to join us to win US House races around the nation so Democrats can elect Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi the FIRST WOMAN SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!” reads the solicitation on the site, which asks members of the public to sign up to become activists in their Congressional districts.


“We’re blown away by the success of this campaign and it shows the tremendous enthusiasm for leader Pelosi and our effort to win back the House and make her the next Speaker,” said the DCCC’s Greg Speed.

Go check out the site and sign up with us, I can honestly say that we can take back the House this year if the people are with us, and doing so is arguably every bit as important as taking back the House on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.  Whoever has the majority sets the agenda, controls all committees, even takes the responsibility of holding up House rules- something the GOP has been nothing short of disgraceful in.

The distance between DeLay and Pelosi is beyond measure; let the first woman speaker get in there and start taking care of business.


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