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Mar 31, 2004

Medigate - “So What”?

The Hill has a little insider skinny on the Medicare intimidation scandal.  It details how Republicans on the Hill are distancing themselves from the administration, something we’ve noted here before, but then goes on to quote the ever-present anonymous GOP aide:

The GOP aide said that as long as the Bush administration doesn’t attempt to lie, the controversy will fade. After all the talk, the aide said, there is a “so what” reaction to the Foster allegations. The staffer said that the administration opted to keep information from the Hill and that there is no law mandating the release of the data.

Nothing there, huh? Well there is still the question of whether GOP House Leadership knew about the other numbers, which is also discussed in the article.

In the meantime, Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-Conn.) was quoted in The New York Times March 17 as saying she “absolutely” had been aware of Foster’s Medicare numbers last year. GOP aides winced when they read her quote, and the next day, Johnson issued a press release that said, “No specific estimate was provided to me by [Foster] on the House bill.”

But besides that, unless Scully was really acting on his own, and I have not seen anybody actually contend that, then the White House not only withheld vital information from Congress while they were voting on a massive sham of a bill that we now know will bankrupt Medicare in 15 years, they actively continued to lie to Congress throughout, repeating the $400 billion number over and over and over again.

And deep down the Republican reaction is “so what”?  Have they really dragged our government down that far?

Of course they have.

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