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Apr 30, 2004

Medicare Cards

From today’s NYT:

“The government on Thursday activated a Web site documenting wide variation in prices for scores of prescription drugs at thousands of pharmacies around the country.  In many cases, the prices offered to Medicare beneficiaries, with the help of new drug discount cards, appear similar to the prices available to any consumer using online pharmacies.”


But after analyzing the data on Thursday, Representative Henry A. Waxman, Democrat of California, said, “The prices available with the new Medicare cards are far higher than the prices available in Canada and the prices negotiated by the federal government on the Federal Supply Schedule, and are no lower than the prices currently available to individuals who do not have the cards.”

And this from a media advisory that just went out:

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Congressmen Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Marion Berry (D-AR) will join seniors to discuss the new Medicare prescription drug discount cards on Monday, May 3.  They will be joined by Barbara Kennelly, President of the National Committee to Protect Social Security & Medicare, Ed Coyle, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, and dozens of senior citizens.

I recently spoke to somebody who works for the GOP side of the Government Reform Committee, and said, “Oh yeah, so you’re over there with Waxman?”

Response?  A very long sigh...

Also, thanks to David from Ambition, Impatience, and Sloth for helping us out on badgering Badger- even if he couldn’t find the time to answer our queries.

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