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May 28, 2004

Making Opinion Journal Mad

WSJ Opinion Journal?  You mean the vomitous propagandists who said this:

Langston Hughes, the poet who inspired John Kerry’s new campaign slogan, Let America be America again, turns out to be a favorite of communists.

Yeah, those chumps.  Here’s what they have to say about DTripTV:


Laughter Isn’t the Best Medicine, Time for Prozac?


War, deficits, terrorism: We could all use a little political humor for relief, couldn’t we? Unfortunately, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s version of said relief—its newly launched Web site, DTripTV—is more likely to leave voters rolling their eyes than rolling in the aisles



Is the trailer funny? OK, anyone might get a smirk out of John Ashcroft draping a cloth over a naked Polynesian statue or Tom DeLay (former pest exterminator) squashing a butterfly. But what exactly is the satirical point of a grossly overweight and naked Dick Cheney tossing a Frisbee? Or George W. Bush sticking a knife in his foot? (We know. He’s supposed to be “dumb”). Other island residents include commentator Ann Coulter, who slithers out an unnaturally long tongue to slurp down a bug, and former Florida state official Katherine Harris, who is transformed into a ghoul with garish blue eyeshadow.


...Hatred gets in their way of judging what’s really funny. A few truly committed Democrats may tune into “Republican Survivor,” just like they keep dialing on to Mr. Franken’s radio station. But low and sullen humor is hardly likely win many new converts to the party. On the contrary, it makes Democrats seem in need of therapy.

To their credit, though, they have a good quote of the day from Bob Novak:


”[Oklahoma GOP Senate candidate Tom] Coburn’s problem is that he takes seriously the professed Republican agenda: limited government, entitlement reform and anti-abortion advocacy. The result is scant support for Coburn from the Republican establishment. That situation suggests the current realignment cycle in American politics is nearing an end after 36 years, with the Republican Party displaying symptoms of a nervous breakdown. The party’s leadership, from President Bush on down, went out of its way to push the undependable Republican Sen. Arlen Specter to victory against a staunch conservative in the Pennsylvania primary because he was considered a stronger general election candidate.”—Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak

Seriously, thanks to WSJ, Hannity, and all the others for all the free publicity.  Really, we’re touched.

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